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Christmas Stories and shows

Bouchon tells a story... Bouchon is responsible for the arrival of Santa Claus this year and he shares his memories. Why the trees that made Santa throughout the year we decorate? How the little red-nosed reindeer became the best friend? But the story is complicated when his clothes mysteriously disappear! Then he will quickly find a solution because Santa will distribute gifts Classified panties. Musical tale by images of a duration of 40 minutes. Target Audience: Family. Decor and included musical accompaniment.

Bredouille apprentice elf: Bredouille has a super great idea! He wants to become an elf Santa but does not know how! The school elves at the North Pole is located too far and should leave his mother alone. Yet the school elves send him Sybelle, personal trash Santa Claus to teach him. And it's easy: you need your elf costume, namely wrapping gifts, preparing Santa's favorite snacks, decorate a tree ... Oh, it looks easy but Bredouille .... (All accessories are in the trash Santa Claus). Duration: 40 minutes.

Merry Christmas animals: Puppet with participation of children. For the third year, the turtle comes Touga spend the holidays in Quebec Merry Christmas animals. But it also reviews the same time Toto the ugly urchin and a very famous old wearing red. Duration: 45 minutes. Audience: 3-8 years. Desired. Twilight

Grand Unpacking: Duo Clown. The story takes place in the warehouse from Santa.

two clown characters: Zac concierge and Youlka. Youlka which comes directly from the North Pole to deliver a magic box in Santa Claus but Zac who will welcome more than one trick up his sleeve. This is a story that as a musical clown. Original and funny. Duration 30 minutes.

The echo of the shell: A Christmas away from the city ... one winter in the sea for the first time in his life, Navy does not spend the winter with his father, as it was given to her favorite aunt! His journey will carry much farther than she would have imagined ... in prehistory with the first men and the discovery of fire, the disappearance of the dinosaurs, in Ancient Egypt with Pharaoh's entourage, the early writings and an introduction to Egyptian mythology, the beginning of Chinese civilization where she will visit the vast rice fields and participate in rearing silkworms. Music (accordion, guitar and songs), Marine and aunts ascend the time of his original music inspired by different eras. Duration: 50 min. Target Audience: 5-12 years. Sound included. Number of players: 3. Space Required: 15 'x 15'. Assembly time: 1h. Dismantling time: 30 min. Technician not included.

Totoche Lacaboche and Magic of Christmas: It's Christmas morning at the clown Totoche. When she awoke, she discovered full of beautiful gift boxes that Santa has probably left for her, but holala!, They are all empty and accompanied by a note explaining that the latter will have friends use the magic of Christmas to show them! Thus, together, our children and clownette will appear with their favorite portly left by planes, a rabbit, cow, a beautiful dove and even surprises for boyfriends! In addition, a demonstration of the final bouncing stilts will amaze everyone ... Fun-and wonder for sure! Complete decoration requiring space 6.5 ft x 6.5 ft. X 6.5 ft. Space required 10 'between the artist and children. Duration: 30-40 min. For young people up to age 8. Not available for December 2012

Satine in the factory gift: Satine, a very special teases, was charged because it is very large, to manufacture Factory ordered the last gifts to Santa. She has to work alone because all the other elves are to harness the reindeer of Santa Claus. Suddenly, there is less than a dozen present, the factory gift fails! In the evening of Christmas Eve, no pixie friend is available to help him. They all work as hard as she. Santa has been clear. It should wrap all the gifts and deliver then. Is that it has no gifts to offer. What can she give to children? These boyfriends deserve as much as any other to have a gift for this magical night. Exactly! Satine excels in its class at the school of magic elves. As these children all come from the same village, it could offer a magic show! It will!

Satine and Grolot investigate: and Grelot Satine are two rogues and lazy adventure freaks elves. They dream of traveling in this holiday season. During a break in the toy factory of Santa Claus, our two lads are unable to return to the factory. And because the dragon Ferdudur stopped the clock in the town and only people who can carry out their activities. After quite a racket, Ferdudur is back in town clock to put the record straight. At this time, the elves returned to the factory for the new report to Santa. An investigation begins ...

Look, I have something to t'conter "... a Magical Christmas: Conte led by Mr. Bujold, versatile artist who knows Accessories marry well, origami, magic and special message. Skillful use of acting, comedy, magic and song. Storyteller About tinged with poetic images, it has a fresh creative madness to achieve its goals ... and yours Duration:. 50-60 minutes Audience:. youth and family.

Christmas in the old days: Accompanied by his friend who was born half and half feather hair because it was like a grizzly bear father and mother p'tit a partridge, GaÄ—tane tells the Christmas of his childhood, the origin of the Christmas tree, the manger. To frame the story, she invites us to watch her huge picture book illustrated and listen Midnight Christian his friend Charles (guitar and violin). Children are invited to participate in singing and dancing. The show includes 10 songs. Duration: 45-60 min. Target audience: young (3-7 years). Adaptable music age group of 7-12 years.

Mr. Gélinas: From his travels, Mr. Gélinas reported more beautiful than all the other puppets: France, Italy, China Indonesia, Africa, England. In a series of short and funny sketches, front or behind the curtain, he leads the puppet son, with stems in rod or shaft out of his suitcases. A wonderful journey through cultures. Target Audience: 2-5 years. Running time: 55 minutes. Playground: 6 'x 5' x 8 '.

nowel and Joïeux: The elves "and nowel Joïeux" are probably the most loyal friends that Santa Claus never had! In a circus show up in color, they manage to get everything ready for Christmas, decorations, gifts, and even a snack for Santa Claus! The clowning is to honor, we find the agéable folly of our two characters through juggling (bowling and dolly), acrobatics, balance, dance and music, all accompanied by original choreography , zany antics and interactions with the public. This refreshing show whets the appetite of the holiday season and inspires the best preparations for Christmas!

Santa's Coming: Christmas knocking at our doors early this year and our two happy clowns are not prepared. There is much to do in so little time. Decoration, feast, the magical atmosphere, wrapping gifts, the guests arrive ... phew .. and they are only two to organize everything before the long-awaited arrival of Santa Claus .. With all his stupidity and incredible clumsiness Zip-E will carry on his musical and absurd universe. While Drouille you will discover an incredible culinary talent through its donations magician. With the help of young and old alike are preparing for the big party. Will they put everything in place before the arrival of Santa Claus?

Celebrate Christmas with Labelle: Show Circacien funny. Christmas is knocking at our doors early this year and the two fun CLOWN are not prepared. There is much to do in so little time, the decoration, the feast, the magical atmosphere, wrapping gifts, the guests arrive ... phew ......... and they are two to organize everything before the long-awaited arrival of Santa Claus .. With all his stupidity and clumsiness incredible Lebelle you carry in his burlesque and absurd universe. While Label you will discover the incredible talent of balance. With the help of young and old alike are preparing for the big party. Will they put everything in place before the arrival of Santa Claus?

The vigil of yesteryear: Duo of traditional songs included in tales humorous and poetic flavor, the duo d'Antan The vigil. The accordion, flute and soundtracks accompany the song played during the show. The story is one that we heard in our rooms during a vigil, the tradition is not lost. The stories and legends of Quebec we are told and sung through a family in the village of Saint-Hummingbird-of-Swallow. It is also the story of the third child, Colin, father Victor, the marabout, the neighbor on the other family love the little sister Cecilia, and all the others! Music and Lyrics interpreted by Stephanie Bacon: Accordion, Vocals and spoon Pascale Canicchio: Singing and flute Traditional music and songs from Quebec and French repertoire. Time: Show: 1:20 about content, divided into two parts with an intermission. Target Audience: Seniors, children, teens, public.

clowns Households: An acrobatic clowns for family audiences. Is as much inside as outside. These guest artists we proudly represented Quebec and Canada in the last prestigious International Cervantino Festival in Mexico. Frame: a show is expected, but conflicts and unexpected problems are occurring at breakneck speed. These give rise to unexpected wacky incidents, including any related accessories to go! Number spectacular dance and circus. Duration: 30 min. Target Audience: Family.

We have magic shows (about 10 magicians of all ilk), comedy juggling show (about 10 variety of elements with jugglers juggling) and shows with clowns and diversity in performance.

Time shows: 60 minutes
For the popular Magic Circus Zakiry
Prices range around $ 2000 (60 min).

Time shows: 45 minutes
For a magic show, the prices vary between $ 500 and $ 850
For a juggling show, priced between $ 500 and $ 650
For a clown show, priced between $ 400 and $ 750

Running time: 20 minutes
For acrobatics and circus numbers
prices vary between $ 1 200 and $ 2 500

Tel. : (514) 497-2141

Transportation costs are $ 100 for shows in the region.

** There should be an additional $ 250 in the case where the sound is not mentioned in the show. In this case, we provide the technician and sound.

(514) 497-2141

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