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TOTOCHE THE CLOWN: Our "Star Academy" clowns! Involves children and fascinates the greatest with small numbers. Expect to see his cute little bunny-cow. On stilts, she grows flowers on bare skulls! Character colorful and touching, she wins the hearts of all ages. Running time: 45 min. Customer: 3-12. Space Required: 10 'x 12'.

Raoul and Roger: absurd and bizarre services where humor, performance, good humor coexist happily. On the menu: comedy, madness, magic, juggling, balance and surprises. The artists who designed and created Raoul and Roger together account for more than 25 years of experience in the entertainment and animation. Raoul and Roger, a recent association that sparks. Suggestions for Fun! Duration: 45 to 60 minutes. Target group: young people and family.

GINO: Specialist thrills, he raises his audience with numbers fakir and fire-breathing. Complete mastery of his art and several awards to his credit, he will charm you with a mixture of humor and Impressive numbers for all the family.

Lanouille: c'pas a gift: Clopin Lanouille is intrigued by the mysterious and gigantic gift up on stage ... Who owns it? And how can you resist? Despite recent therapy, his symptoms return! Miss Lanouille developing a plot without common sense with children and THEY decide to unpack. What about the content! Here is a very interactive show between temptation and wisdom that humor, comedy and madness will blow up the house. Finally the 100% clown!

party with MR. WOW: A comic animator ready to engage with the challenges of all kinds. A blitz of fun and lots of laughter. Accompanied by a music technician. High technical quality, it can animate crowds of 250-500 people. Comment: Minimum of 2 hour show.

ARABESK: multidisciplinary Saltimbanque causing laughter and entertainment, whether balancing on stilts, sandwich man with the sign "I mime anything, ask! "Or clown on a unicycle, A developed many themes in interaction with the audience: playing giant happy woodcutter ancestor historian, pirate, jester, golf teacher, dancer Bavarian etc. ball. Duration 30 to 45 minutes

Lanouille: Play a variety of characters in the sitcom. Halfway between the clown and stand-up comic. The result is an endearing character "clougne new genre," a little nono, crazy and unique! For children and adults. Specialties: absurd humor where family shows, comedy and madness will blow up the house! Finally the 100% clown! The runaway bride, through the master fisherman, cook, the single mother, the cowboy, to police, the maintenance woman beautician, she delights us in creating tailor a character suited to the theme of your event! Winner in 2003 - Global Public entertainers. Winner 2004 - ClownFest, New Jersey.

MARIO: The great art declined by a masked gifted choreographer for conjuring, magic and ultra-visual illusion. Humorous moments involving collaboration on stage VIPs. Number One Festival the magic of Mont Ste-Anne, trigger Winterlude 2000 element for the Canadian parliament in Ottawa. Duration between 30 and 40 minutes.

Mr. Funny is a colorful character, comic and sympathetic to the delight of young and old. Clown, magician, juggler, everything around it seems to defy the law of gravity. In his show successive musical numbers and participation. Mr. Funny is .... Hats off to the good mood, a dolly swirling pace to live, food processor more extravagant ... a bottle of ketchup that refuses to disappear, water flowing ... big and small will participate and want more. His assistants, are complicit in his exploits. Time 45 to 60 minutes. Audience 3-12 years and family.

Ludovic Lapoussière BILLY & THE STRAY: Duo have developed incredible numbers: the king of Dolly, the swallower cookies, tamer balls. Program, juggling, magic, acrobatics, clowning and especially with the "Cirqu'en kit." Nice interaction with the public.

Duo Clown: missed the heart of the public at the World Buskers in 2004, this couple of gays happy lads has towers in his bag, a lot of humor and jokes that make you laugh all kinds of public. They are beautiful, funny and we can only love them. Duration: 30 to 45 minutes

CIRCUS Comik: Cirque Comik resumes for five years, the great success in the United States. Jean Saucier, a veteran of Cirque du Soleil, gives new life to the show by partnering with a clumsy stunt Patpatinfou, the new Olivier Guimond Quebec. Unique, funny and surprising performance, sometimes interactive with the audience, you will be held in suspense at the end of your chair. For 5 or 60 minutes, this exciting duo will give you thrills and unforgettable moments. Performance varied from 3 x 15 minutes with The House of Cards, medieval swords and stool. Jean Saucier and Patpatinfou try a fun acrobatic with a volunteer five years (safe) and rewarding kind for small voluntary. Mini shows are performed on stage (with sound) or on the floor. The decision is made on the premises to maximize the impact of the apparitions. Shows alternating depending on the best choice and the best time. Duration 30 minutes

MAGIC CIRCUS ZAKIRY: The Magic Circus Zakiry was designed in order to provide a variety show developed from a roster of top artists have proven themselves in the arts and circus. They are part of the next generation for international shows and they are perfecting their craft, they have in common the talent, technique, used public and humor. Orchestrated by a ringmaster, entertainment adapt equally well indoors and outdoors. Space Required: 20 'x 20' (outside) OR 15 'x 15' (inside) with a minimum ceiling height of 16 '. Decor includes: curtain 8 'x 12' bench circus. PA included: length between 50 and 90 min.

GABZY: Beast scene. Juggler balancing balls and six unusual, you will appreciate the man at the heart of a lion and the strength of the bear. A highly acclaimed in the musical "Don Juan" star. Duration between 20 and 30 minutes.

MANU: Juggler-balancing. For brilliant and brief interventions, stunning numbers choreographed with music, comedy and participation surprising. See their juggling with flaming torches.

Circologue: Dr. Gabsy: Wholesale decor - big show - original concept the best show of 2007, teaches methods circus but also of life - humor-discipline-performance - a nod to the fantasy and honor his grandfather who was before him circologue too.

LARRY THE CLOWN PARTY: In this show, Larry will demonstrate all the fun aspects that can take the ball: round, long curved, hearts, smiley faces, extra large, extra small, globes, etc.. By using these balloons, Larry will tell you stories, imitate sounds of birds, act out various situations will perform crazy tricks, manufacture a mask, a hat, unique sculptures, and grand final, will conduct a Giant creation special for the birthday child. Finally, Larry out her boyfriend, the ukulele, and highlight its way to the birthday child. Duration 30 minutes.

Kings of Dixie: drum, banjo, tuba and trumpet. Marching band swing, this dynamic group of experienced artists manages to create a festive atmosphere with known past and present air. A must for any festival or parade. With tunes like Sweet Lorraine, Little Flower, By the Riverside, Bear Barrel Polka, Hello Dolly!, You are my Sunshine, Cherokee, you will be entertained by their good mood and their effect resulting musical performances. Not to mention that these merry fellows gays also have many years of experience of many scenes and festivals in Quebec. Running time: 60 to 90 minutes.

New coming 2013: Live music song for children with these musicians and Spark The duo Clopin Lanouille and Mr. Nono

Magic-circus: duo a magician and a juggler - Dynamic Performance Back duo gushed: contortion Duo Barrel organ and accordion, sang Asked for our list of world music - beautiful music also Party atmosphere and the menu

We also have circus with acrobatics, hand to hand, contortion, trampoline show, hoop and aerial silk, balancing acts, burlesque, hola hoops, mime, street theater.

** There should be an additional $ 250 in the case where the sound is not mentioned in the show. In this case, we provide the technician and sound.

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